Metal Detectors in Toowoomba

Looking for a Metal Detector? Want to find some GOLD??
We now carry 4 types of Metal Dectors, not as good as the Whites or Garrett's units but a lot cheaper. They are a heap of fun on the beach (You have to wear Headphones or you may get chased off the beach due to the beep beeps.)
They start from $69.95

Metal Detector with 8 inch Waterproof Coil


Easy to read LCD screen.

Portable Metal Detector with LCD Display

  • Four kinds of different discrimination settings,(Iron,Nickel or Coins, Iron or Nickel or Coins, All Metals)
  • 4 Depth/Sensitivity Settings,
  • Light Weight

Beginner Metal Detector with Auto Tune


  • Capable of detecting a coin at 100mm deep
  • Volume and sensitivity controls
  • Speaker or headphone output
  • Beginnerís metal detector!

All Models Available in Store.
Sorry no Online sales at this stage..
* Price subject to change, Ring for Details.
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