Video to DVD

VIDCAM transfer Video tapes and Film
to DVD or MP4

Get your Video tapes transfered by a local company that has been doing VHS transfers for over 30 years in the Hooper Centre Toowoomba.
We have now bought a new Telecine unit that allows me to put your 8MM films onto DVD or USB

Transfer Video tape to DVD or MP4.
Supplied in a Hard protective DVD case
Discount on Multiple Copies of the Same Tape
DVD's play on Majority DVD & Blue Ray Players , also PCs
Friendly Helpfully Advise.
Mail Order Accepted


VIDEO Tape to DVD : $25 for first 2 hours ,
+$15 for every extra 2 hours or part of.

Video to USB : $65 First tape, + $25 each tape. + USB drive

Film to USB or DVD : 3in Reels, 50 Ft
1st Reel $50,
+$25 additional same size reels
5in Reels, 200 Ft
1st Reel $85,
+$60 additional same size reels
7in Reels, 400 Ft
1st Reel $85,
+$60 additional same size reels

Audio Tape to CD or USB : $25 per tape

Disc copy (CD to CD or DVD to DVD): $15 per Disc

USB Drives not included, Price $10 to $15
All Video & Audio transfers are subject to copyright rules

Excludes the USB Drive (upto an extra $15)
Beware Videos over 2 hours will create a large file that some TVs may not read, but will work on any PC.
(any troubles let me know and I can fix it )

Tapes can be safely left at the Free Choice Tobacconist shop, opposite the IGA at Hooper Centre in Toowoomba,
or post your tapes to our secure
PO Box.(Follow link for details)
Normal transfer times are 2 to 3 days.
If you require a quicker time, please phone ahead and I will see what I can do,
this is to help our out of town customers who may only be here for the day.


Drop Off Point:
Free Choice Tobacconist shop,
opposite the IGA
Hooper Centre
187 Hume St,
Toowoomba 4350.
Need directions?

Postal Address:
PO Box 1253,
Contact details
Phone: (07) 4639 1100.
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Free Choice Tobacconist
Store Trading Hours

Monday to Friday:6.30 AM to 5:15 PM
Saturday:7:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Your tapes can be left at the Free Choice Tobacconist Store in the Hooper Centre.

Natalie or her wonderfull staff will be happy to book in your Video tapes and they are kept in a secure section, I then collect he tapes and process them,
they will then be returned to the Shop and a SMS is sent to your mobile when ready.

Map to the drop off point
or you can also post them to me, Click Here for more info on postage.

Want to get rid of your old VCR !

Don't make more landfill with it, Checkout this link as I am always looking for new VCRs.

I thought JAYCAR/VIDCAM where closed?

No VIDCAM is still trading and doing VIDEO transfer, but the Electronics shop AKA Allans Electronics ie JAYCAR Stockist Toowoomba is closed.
So if you hear this you will know its wrong. I purposely worked with keeping someone in the Hooper centre to make it easy for people coming down with their tapes to leave them at the same Location.

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