From Allan's Desk,

We have a couple of new staff members, and Mark & Corey who both joined our team this year. Jono and Jonathan are full time, (I will update Pictures soon)
and there is Myself and Craig .
Its hard to think how far we have come in over 30 years in business ,
the whole staff at Allan's Electronics have excelled in Sales and customer service.
In 2016 we won the Australian Jaycar Stockist of the year and then in 2017 took out the State winner,
In 2019 we became a Platinum Jaycar Stockist.
Allan's electronics is a independently owned Stockist,
we also look after the Jaycar Stores warranty on their products,
so if you are traveling through Toowoomba Queensland ,
you can still get warranty coverage. But you MUST have the Purchase docket with you,
So if it is faulty and we cannot repair it for you in store,
then we will either return it back to Jaycar NSW for you or
maybe we will be able to exchange it for a replacement,
this all depends on the Item ,the problem, getting the OK from JAYCAR them selves
Don't forget at Allan's Electronics we have Jaycar Products and also carry GME, Uniden, Kingray, Redback
and a large range of arduino projects , Rasberry Pi etc,
So come in and see our range of Store.

But most of all , it is to you are Loyal customers,

This is our Staff Christmas 2019 @ VIDCAM

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